Membership of AMDSO is comprised of entities engaged in the business of servicing, or repairing reusable medical devices.
To be eligible for membership, an applicant must meet all of the following criteria:

1. It must not exclusively service or repair reusable medical devices that it originally manufactured.

2. It must have, or be in the process of implementing, a quality management system that is substantially compliant with an internationalstandard e.g., ISO 9001, 13485. It must demonstrate to the AMDSO staff that it is in substantial compliance with a quality management system international standard by providing:           

       a) A certification from an independent auditor or certifying body;
       b) Documentation that demonstrates that the prospective member is in the process of obtaining such designation. 

The AMDSO staff shall keep such inspection or audit results or certifications confidential and shall make the determination whether the prospective member is in substantial compliance or in the process of implementing such systems.

3. It must agree to support and abide by the AMDSO Mission Statement and Bylaws as adopted from time to time by the Board.

4. It must agree to work with the government bodies that enforce laws and regulations that apply to the devices serviced by its members. 

5. It must agree to maintain substantial compliance with applicable governmental laws and regulations.

Any business entity eligible for and desiring membership in the Association shall submit a written application to the General Counsel at for approval by the Board and shall agree, if such application is accepted, to be subject to all of the rights, privileges, and obligations of membership in the Association.

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