AMDSO’s mission is to promote the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the medical device market through a robust and competitive marketplace for reusable medical devices after their initial sale including:

• Preventative maintenance
• Repair
• Education

AMDSO provides an organized approach to elevate quality of service, repair and education in establishing value metrics and industry
indicators.  By means of a clear unified message regarding Independent Service Organizations (ISOs) capabilities, healthcare providers will be able to align their service needs and expectations with supplier proficiencies.
Please click the following link to find the AMDSO Antitrust Policy: PDF File

As part of our mission AMDSO supports:

• Improving the business conditions for persons or businesses engaged in service and repair of reusable medical devices;

• Providing an organization to facilitate the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and experience with respect to the service and repair of reusable medical devices;

• Encouraging research regarding service and repair of reusable medical devices that promotes cost effective management of serviced and repaired reusable medical devices for the public good;

• Collaboration amongst all stakeholders to prioritize patient safety while maintaining hospital choice, financial responsibility and an open marketplace